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GRANDE Plastic Pockets, with 6 pockets, 106 x 98 mm, clear

GRANDE sheets for Beer mats


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Ref: 316604
Pin sheets for use with Pin Album (342616)

Covered with black velvet


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Ref: 339966

As the needs of collectors are constantly evolving, so too is our product range. As such, Duncannon is pleased to offer products for collectors away from the disciplines of philately and numismatics.

This new range includes products ideal for keeping items such as beer coasters, pins and autographs, as well as champagne and bottle caps.

Autograph hunters will be well satisfied with the protection afforded by the Lighthouse collection. Duncannon can offer binders able to hold up to 400 examples free from dust and dirt in the clear protective sheets.

Collectors who require a solution to comfortably house all of their pins will find the albums Duncannon stocks more than able to handle any size collection. These feature 4 sheets complete with stable plaques and soft black velvet emitters. Supplementary sheets are also available.

Various bottle and champagne caps can easily be accommodated with Lighthouse’s new product range. Duncannon offers Grande albums for both varieties, capable of housing even the largest collections. The same can be said for beer coaster collectors.

We are proud to meet the requirements of even the most discerning collectors at Duncannon. If you cannot find a specific product, please get in touch. Our dedicated team will be able to assist you as best as we can.
For Sales & Advice Call: img-responsive 01722 412100